VCU MetroView Development Tracker

MetroView is a VCU initiative to study, discuss, and analyze metropolitan areas with special focus on the Richmond region. Development Tracker is a VCU MetroView GIS database designed to monitor development trends and patterns in Central Virginia and the Crater Planning District. The project is being undertaken by the VCU Center for Urban and Regional Analysis.  This database is to be updated annually.

The project includes an online interactive mapping application.

The initial report was completed in May 2015. It analyzed data from 2013 and included all Crater PDC localities as well as Richmond Regional SMSA and PDC localities. It is approximately 200 MB in size.

An updated report was produced in 2017. It is approximately 500 MB in size. Key data was collected for the base year 2014 from local assessor files and GIS systems including parcel land and improvement value and parcel size. The updated report includes a change detection analysis comparing data between the two reports. It also presents job and housing characteristics within 34 unique geographic areas drawn around job centers, allowing for analysis of the jobs-housing balance within those areas.

Final Report 2017

Crater PDC

45 MB

Charles City County

16 MB

Chesterfield County

38 MB

Colonial Heights

7 MB

Dinwiddie County

16 MB


2 MB

Greensville County

4 MB


6 MB


8 MB

Prince George County

15 MB

Surry County

7 MB

Sussex County

13 MB