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2/20/2024 – HYBRID EVENT

1:00 PM TO 2:30 PM

1964 Wakefield St, Petersburg, VA

Registration required:

We will be live-streaming Mr. Frank in our conference room at the Crater Planning District Commission!!

The future of Federal acquisition is shifting. Federal agencies and military commands are shifting towards
increased usage of category management and strategic sourcing. This results in bundling of contracts, sometimes less opportunity, and a decrease in the number of vendors authorized to support a given product mix, service, or solution. We are going to discuss current trends in the Federal market to ensure that your company is taking into account shifting acquisition strategies as part of your overall market and sales strategies. A key component of maintaining your tactical sales while simultaneously executing a strategic strategy, is the shift from transactional to enterprise business development. Specifically, shifting your business development from an acquisition focus to a pre-acquisition focus. We’re going to discuss the value of pre-acquisition, the collection of market intelligence, methods for influencing procurements in preacquisition, and how to ghost requirements to more strongly position your company.