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2/8/2024 Hybrid Event

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

1964 Wakefield St., Petersburg, VA

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Since the Small Business Administration (SBA) expanded its Mentor Protégé Program in 2016 to include all small businesses, the program has served as a powerful catalyst for growth in the government contracting space for thousands of small businesses. It stands out as the flagship, government-wide mentor-protégé program for small business government contractors, opening avenues for small businesses to secure investments from large businesses. Participants can also leverage the extensive experience and processes of large businesses and form joint ventures with their large business mentors, unlocking potentially lucrative set-aside contracting opportunities.

Join Paul Hawkins, an experienced government contracts attorney, in an engaging webinar where he will provide a comprehensive overview of the program. Discover strategies to maximize value for both mentors and protégés. The session will cover eligibility criteria, the application process, and other essential program requirements. This webinar is tailored for BOTH potential protégés and mentors. Save the date on your calendar to attend this informative and free training session, courtesy of your local APEX Accelerator!