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On March 19th, the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation announced that Crater PDC has been awarded $622,995 from the Community Flood Preparedness Fund to create a Regional Resilience Plan, as well as a new position of Environment & Resilience Planner and Certified Floodplain Manager.  

The Regional Resilience Plan will encompass all eleven localities in the Crater footprint and examine a host of environmental issues using an interdisciplinary lens. Such issues include repetitive flooding, soil erosion, urban heat islands, air pollution, and water pollution across the region. Crater staff anticipates an 18-month planning process, with a comprehensive final deliverable to be adopted by the Crater Planning District Commission. The plan will highlight key recommendations for each locality with particular attention paid to ongoing efforts, funding sources, and the existing Richmond-Crater Hazard Mitigation Plan. Not only will this plan represent a step forward for the Crater region in its efforts to protect our natural resources, but it will also allow our localities to access crucial funding from various sources, including the Department of Conservation and Recreation, to implement the plan’s recommendations.  

In addition to the Regional Resilience Plan, the CFPF funds will allow Crater PDC to create a new position of Environment & Resilience Planner to focus exclusively on natural resource conservation, outdoor recreation access, and tourism opportunities. This position is to be filled by current staff member Kit Friedman, whose bachelors’ degree in Natural Resources Conservation and Recreation Management and master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning make them a force to be reckoned with in the field. Using CFPF funds, Kit will train to become a Certified Floodplain Manager through the Association of State Floodplain Managers. This program and credential will vastly expand upon the local knowledge and capacity of flooding issues, the National Flood Insurance Program, and the Community Rating System. Furthermore, locality members (many of whom must hire CFM consultant for environmental grants) can capitalize on CFM services through the PDC, free of charge, thus streamlining the grant application process while saving local dollars.   

Crater PDC will be distributing a Request for Proposal from consultants interested in completing our Regional Resilience Plan. For additional information about Crater PDC’s growing environmental programs, please reach out directly to Kit Friedman at