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APEX is launching into the new year with some exciting events! Join us for these exciting occasions:

1/9/2024 1:00pm – 2:30pm – How To Competitively Respond to a Sources Sought and Influence the Acquisition w/ Joshua Frank 
We will be live-streaming Mr. Frank in our conference room at the Crater Planning District Commission!!Competitively respond to a sources sought or request for information. Ten years ago, the government did not utilize Sources Sought as a primary acquisition tool. In fact, only about 1% of opportunities were sources sought. Jump forward to 2022 and between 8% – 10% of opportunities in SAM are sources sought. This indicates the government is more focused on achieving the right balance in terms of acquisition strategy AND this is positive for government contractors as well. Most companies respond to a sources sought by only answering the given questions and providing the information requested by the government. There are several key strategies for responding to a source sought. The first is creating a standardized response format with cover page, corporate overview, and capability statement. The second is recognizing that you should utilize a source sought to “influence the acquisition.” You influence the acquisition by making recommendations and “ghosting” your strengths and the weaknesses of the competition. This seminar will be heavy on examples to maximize understanding of the various techniques and strategies for responding to a source sought in order to influence the acquisition.Mr. Frank will discuss the following strategies:• Understanding how a source sought can impact acquisition and never to assume that other companies will respond when you’re too busy.• How to differentiate your company; marginalize and bar-entry to the competition and influence the acquisition.• How to ghost your strengths and the weaknesses of the competition in order to influence the acquisition.• Understanding that a source sought is pre-acquisition and that you don’t have to answer every question and understanding what information you should cautiously protect.
1/10/2024 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Lawrenceville, VA – In-person 1:1 counseling appts
1/17/2024 – All day
Bizworks Enterprise Center – 1:1 counseling appts 
2/7/2024 – Transactional to Enterprise Business Development w/ Joshua Frank
We will be live-streaming Mr. Frank in our conference room at the Crater Planning District Commission!!The future of Federal acquisition is shifting. Federal agencies and military commands are shifting towards
increased usage of category management and strategic sourcing. This results in bundling of contracts, sometimes less opportunity, and a decrease in the number of vendors authorized to support a given product mix, service, or solution. We are going to discuss current trends in the Federal market to ensure that your company is taking into account shifting acquisition strategies as part of your overall market and sales strategies. A key component of maintaining your tactical sales while simultaneously executing a strategic strategy, is the shift from transactional to enterprise business development. Specifically, shifting your business development from an acquisition focus to a pre-acquisition focus. We’re going to discuss the value of pre-acquisition, the collection of market intelligence, methods for influencing procurements in preacquisition, and how to ghost requirements to more strongly position your company.
March 2024 – Exact Date TBD
We will be hosting the Va. National Guard and talking about their upcoming forecast and needs from the SBLO. 
This will be an in-person event with the VA. National Guard presenting!!

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