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DLA Distribution invites you to attend the DLA Distribution Virtual Industry Day on June 14, 2023. The purpose of this forum is to provide our industry partners an avenue to learn about the mission of DLA Distribution and to encourage an open dialogue and exchange of information and ideas. Industry will hear from the organization’s leadership and gain insight into DLA Distribution’s strategic and operational objectives. Industry will learn about DLA Distribution and how to do business with us.

Interested vendors will have an opportunity to register for participation in a Large Business/Small Business networking/matchmaking event rescheduled for 6/15/2023 to encourage vendor partnering/teaming opportunities.

Interested vendors will have an opportunity to register for participation in a one-on-one event scheduled for 6/27-28/2023 between vendors and Contracting Officers.

If you have any questions regarding the event or this public notice, please send an email to

AUDIENCE: Industry Representatives, Prospective Vendors, Large and Small Business, and Socioeconomic Classified Business with a focus on service and supply related industries such as the following:

• Storage and distribution

• Construction

• Material handling equipment repair

• Janitorial

• Boxes (cartons, crates, containers, packaging, packing supplies, bags, and sacks)

• Communication equipment

• Material handling equipment & conveyors

• Office supplies

• Furniture (cabinets, lockers, bins, and shelving)

MISSION: DLA is America’s combat logistics support agency. Our mission is to provide best value integrated logistics solutions to America’s armed forces and other designated customers in peace and in war, around the clock, around the world. DLA Distribution provides storage and distribution solutions/management, transportation planning/management, logistics planning and contingency operations via a global network of distribution centers. To support this, DLA Distribution J7 (Acquisition Operations) issues supply and service contracts for storage and distribution, construction, material handling equipment & maintenance, janitorial services, and shipping/packaging supplies.

WHEN: June 14, 2023

Registration required:

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