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We will be live-streaming Mr. Frank in our conference room at the Crater Planning District Commission!!

You know you have to team with another company to take part in a larger acquisition. You know that a dozen teams will go after the bid. There are three companies that you KNOW have a competitive chance at winning. One of these three are likely to win. You select the one you believe is most competitive and you have a meeting to discuss joining their team. By the time the meeting takes place, the prime has most likely already made a decision. You’re on the team or you’re not. But even if you’re on the team, you may get little or no work. These are the situations many companies face in both the government and commercial markets. We’re going to discuss several strategies you can employ to make sure that your initial discussion clearly shows that you will make the prime more competitive. It’s not about what you sell or how strong you are at what you do. It’s about helping the prime win. Create that perception and you’re on the team. This seminar is about perception and how you cross-walk the value you provide to the prime’s requirements

Mr. Frank will discuss the following strategies:

• Learn what influences a Prime’s decision to put you on their team. In many respects, it has little to do with the strength of your products and services.

• Understand the most common challenges small business face when attempting to team with other companies and how to mitigate these challenges.

• There are five functional areas, including market acumen, back-office maturity, competencies, quid-pro-quo, and acquisition differentiators. Attendees will learn how to influence and recognize the perceptions they need to create.

Registration is required:

Zoom link will be sent out the morning of the event to all registered attendees.