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This month, the Tri-Cities Area MPO submitted a request for proposals to solicit consultant partners to collaborate with TCAMPO staff on the upcoming Regional Multimodal Mobility Plan. This plan will identify defined activity centers, placemaking and through corridors, and provide targeted recommendations to our localities for improving their multimodal system, including potential transit routes to improve accessibility to underserved areas. In addition, this plan update will place an emphasis on linking existing public transit hub/bus stops, bike share stations, greenspace and trails, and park-and-ride locations with a continuous bike/ped network. Recommendations will also include cost estimates and funding recommendations for localities to reference. Many in our communities rely heavily on public transit, or walk/bike to attend work, school, and access critical resources. It is vital that the planning process and final product reflect these unique circumstances and aim to optimize multimodal opportunities for these populations. We recognize the great potential for walkability and connectivity to expand opportunities for our citizens to access resources and employment outside of their immediate area, as well as build economic prosperity through downtown revitalization. TCAMPO staff hopes to have a completed plan by early 2025, which can then be used as a template for a multimodal plan that encompasses the entire Crater Region.

Additionally, the Tri-Cities Area MPO has begun its call for new Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) program applications.  We received 5 applications this year, and we will be selecting new projects and updating our TCAMPO Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG)/CMAQ allocations this Spring as part of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s FY25-30 Six Year Improvement Plan.