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If you’re looking for tactics and strategies on how to position and communicate your company’s past performance, this seminar will change how you market, communicate and differentiate your products and services. In an educational, fast-paced, and high-energy seminar, we look at how most companies market their “experience” and past performance, with moderate success and little to no differentiation.

Learn how to communicate the value of your company with quantifiable and qualifiable metrics.

Learn how to communicate the value of your commercial past performance to help win government contracts.

For entrepreneurs and small business owners who have a new company, how to use, communicate, and market your individual experience, working for other companies, as part of your new company’s capability and value.

Learn how to use graphics to quickly and accurately portray your company’s expertise and past performance.

SPEAKER: Joshua Frank

Award-winning business coach, professional speaker, and bestselling author, Mr. Frank is a nationally recognized authority on government sales and business acceleration.

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