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About the City of Colonial Heights

Colonial Heights, located in southeastern Virginia and originally a part of Chesterfield County, became a town in 1926 and an incorporated city in 1948. Its current charter as a fully-independent city was granted in 1960.

Colonial Heights’ history goes back much further, however, as it was the site of significant battles during both the American Revolution and the Civil War.

The name Colonial Heights results from an incident during the American Revolutionary War. In 1781 the French troops of Lafayette, known as the Colonials, set up artillery on the heights overlooking the Appomattox River and Petersburg, where British forces were located. Legend indicates that an English soldier stationed in Petersburg, upon seeing Lafayette’s troops across the river, exclaimed, “Look! There are the Colonials, up on the Heights!” Hence, the name Colonial Heights was born. The area came to be known as Colonial Heights and the name was given to a subdivision of the Oak Hill tract in 1906.

Locality Info:

201 James Avenue
P.O. Box 3401
Colonial Heights, VA 23834

City of Colonial Heights

The City of Colonial Heights is located ~20 miles south of Richmond, Virginia’s state capital, and ~130 miles south of the nation’s capital. Colonial Heights has a land area of 8 square miles and a population of 17,562 residents.

Community Profiles:

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