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Welcome to the Economic Development Site

Since 1985 the Crater Planning District Commission has served as the economic development district for the region.


Public Notice

Public Notice The Crater Planning District has issued a sole source contract to DecideSmart LLC under the Crater Planning District Commission’s U.S.EDA Cares Act Grant. DecideSmart LLC has performed extensive work in the Crater Planning District Commission region...

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Crater PDC Receives $400,000 CARES Act Grant

Crater Planning District Commission, Petersburg, Virginia, will receive a $400,000 EDA CARES Act Recovery Assistance grant to respond to the coronavirus pandemic by developing an economic recovery and resiliency plan that aligns with state’s “GO Virginia” and “Blueprint for Getting Virginians Back to Work” initiatives; supporting the tourism sector; and addressing supply chain disruptions in the Crater region’s logistics and manufacturing sectors.

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The major focus of Crater Planning District Commission’s work program is economic, industrial and small business development, reflecting the priorities which have been established by the member localities.

Crater PDC as an economic development district has developed and maintains a Comprehensive Economic Strategy (CEDS) to help guide economic growth with in the region.

Crater PDC manages two loan programs 1) Business Continuity Loan Program, 2) Revolving Loan Fund Program

Petersburg Area Regional Tourism (PART) because LOVE happens in the Best PART of Virginia