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About Us | Meeting Resources | Plans and Studies


About the Tri Cities Area MPO

Who We Are

By cooperative agreement between the Crater Planning District Commission and the Virginia Department of Highways on March 21, 1974 the Tri-Cities Area Transportation Study was first organized. The Cities of Colonial Heights, Hopewell, Petersburg and the Counties of Chesterfield, Dinwiddie and Prince George …

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… entered into subsequent agreements in support of a continuing transportation planning process for the metropolitan area. On November 7, 1979 Virginia’s Secretary of Transportation designated the Tri-Cities Area Policy Committee as the Metropolitan Planning Organization for this portion of the Commonwealth. Representatives from the 6 local governments, along with agencies with responsibilities for transportation planning, comprise the membership of the Tri-Cities Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).

Today, the MPO consists of a Policy Committee, comprised still primarily of local government elected representatives, and a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), comprised of planning and/or engineering staff appointees. The Tri-Cities Area MPO is part of the Richmond Urbanized Area; has cooperative agreements with Regional & State transportation and air quality planning agencies. Located in the southeastern portion of Virginia, the Tri-Cities Area MPO is within the I-85, I-95 and I-295 travel corridors. The Tri-Cities MPO supports a multi-modal transportation system with highway, transit, rail, pedestrian and bicycle transportation accessible to its population

What We Do

The Policy Committee serves as the MPO’s policy board, and is the chief regional authority responsible for cooperative development and approval of …

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… the core transportation planning activities and products for the urbanized region including:

  • Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP): Description to come
    Download the FY20 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)
  • Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program (MTIP):The MTIP consists of Federally funded Highway and transit projects over a four year period in the MPO Area.
    Download the 2018-21 MTIP
  • Metropolitan Transportation Plan (Long Range Transportation Plan): The 2040 Metropolitan Transportation  Plan represents the vision for transportation improvements in the regional transportation system. The intent of the 2040 Plan is to meet future-oriented, multi-modal transportation needs of the region, such as autos, transit, bicycling and pedestrians. The 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan updates the earlier Long Range Transportation Plan based upon newer population, employment, financial and environmental information. It has been improved to more clearly comply with current US and Commonwealth of Virginia laws and regulations.
    Download the 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan
  • Performance Measures and Targets: Description an Link to documentation in documents to come
  • Six Year Improvement Program (SYIP): Description to come
    Current RSTP CMAQ allocations table