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What is Plan 2045 About?

With Plan2045, we are updating the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) for the Tri-Cities portion of the Richmond, Virginia, urbanized area. The MTP presents a long-range (20 year) strategy to guide the effective investment of public funds for multi-modal transportation infrastructure throughout the Tri-Cities region. It is updated every five years in accordance with federal and state requirements and reflects local planning initiatives and incorporates extensive public input throughout its development.

Plan2045 also provides the foundation for the development of the Tri-Cities Area Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (TCAMPO) Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program (MTIP), allocation of other grant funds, short-range capital improvement programs that implement some of the needed highway, transit and bike/pedestrian projects identified in the project lists, as well as the TCAMPO’s annual work program activities.

Tri-Cities Plan 2045, will guide our region’s transportation programs, projects, and policies over the next 20 years.

Tri-Cities Metropolitan Planning Organization

What is the Tri-Cities Area MPO?

  • The Tri-Cities Area MPO was created in 1974 under a cooperative agreement between the Crater Planning District Commission and the Virginia Department of Highways.
  • In 1979, the Secretary of Transportation designated the Tri-Cities Area Policy Committee as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Tri-Cities Area.


  • The Tri-Cities Area MPO serves as the Transportation Planning Forum overseeing federally funded transportation projects and plans in the Tri-Cities Area.

Member Jurisdictions:

  1. Colonial Heights
  2. Hopewell
  3. Petersburg
  4. Chesterfield
  5. Dinwiddie
  6. Prince George

The Tri-Cities Area MPO

Is responsible for three main products:

  1. Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)
  2. Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)
  3. Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program (MTIP)

Other Key Tasks

The MPO is accountable for are:

  • The MPO selects and/or recommends transportation projects for federal RSTP ($3.1M/yr.), CMAQ ($1.3M/yr.), and TAP funding ($165k/yr.) allocated to the Tri-Cities Area MPO
  • The MPO applies for SMART SCALE projects and assists MPO members in their applications

Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

The Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) is the long-range plan that represents the vision for transportation improvements in the regional transportation system.

The intent of the MTP is to meet future-oriented (20 years), multi-modal transportation needs of the region, such as autos, transit, bicycling and pedestrians.

The MTP is updated on a 5-year cycle. The current plan (2040 MTP) was adopted in August 2017 and is consistent with federal laws and regulations. In Fall 2020, the MPO began the Plan2045 process. Plan2045 is scheduled to be completed in the Summer of 2022.

Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

Other plans and studies are used to develop and update the MTP and include:

  • Public Participation Outreaches
  • Congestion Management Process
  • Corridor Studies/Plans
  • STARS, bicycle/pedestrian plans
  • Transit Development Plans
  • Travel Demand Models
  • Also, other plans and studies performed by VDOT and DRPT

Topics that Plan2045 will address include:​

  • Public engagement process for developing the Plan2045 plan
  • Transportation vision, goals, and objectives for the Tri-Cities area
  • Census-based adjustments to population, employment, and travel data
  • Update of the travel demand model to identify current and future deficiencies in the road network
  • Safety, efficiency, and connectivity of the multimodal transportation network
  • Performance-based planning
  • Proposed system improvements
  • Prioritization of projects
  • Development of a fiscally constrained project list

Tri-Cities Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)

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Director of Transportation
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